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Some Yellow is a Leeds based digital design studio that loves to create.

Our story

Some Yellow was setup in 2021 by Kev Charlton, ex Creative Director of Delete Agency (now UNRVLD).

It was founded with the desire to be more hands during the creation process, and ultimately have control over the quality of work. So far we've worked with a variety of great clients, on some incredibly exciting projects.

The plan is to grow sustainably, by keeping lean and focusing on delivering great work that we enjoy doing.

The team

We're a small team, and we like it that way! We've got the enthusiasm, and the skills to tackle projects large and small.

Photo of Kev Charlton
Photo of Hayley Dunn
Photo of Amelia Charlton

Our ethos

  • We think staying small is the way forward. Less bloat. Less meetings. Less hassle. More time to create.
  • Variation sparks creativity. We don't want to narrow our offering. New challenges keep us sane and enable innovation.
  • We don't sell process (or team involvement) that doesn't add value. We prefer cutting the crap and getting things done.
  • Working with nice people is important to us. We love what we do, and we want to keep it that way.
  • We're fast but we take our time. When something is simple we crack on. For the important stuff we believe that the best ideas come when we're patient.
  • We're a young studio and we're enthusiastic. We're not just here to earn a wage, we want to create great work together.


We collaborate closely with clients and partner agencies, leveraging over 20 years experience to deliver a wide range of services that transform a shared vision into reality.

  • Strategy

    Before tactics comes strategy. We get to truly understand your audience, the challenges of your sector and develop a vision that sets you apart.

  • Prototyping

    Putting strategy to the test can be long and arduous. We develop quality prototypes to test approaches and get buy in from stakeholders and end users.

  • UX / Web Design

    We craft stunning, interactive websites that achieve results, perfectly balancing brand impact with business and user needs.

  • Webflow

    We're experts in designing highly interactive and custom Webflow websites. It's our favourite platform, and we use it exclusively unless partnering with others.

  • App design

    We specialise in managing large-scale app design projects, providing meticulously crafted designs that are ready for efficient development.

  • Ecommerce

    We build elegant online shops on Webflow and collaborate with development partners for advanced Shopify implementations.

  • Product design

    Whether you need a quick MVP or a complete design system for a new product, our expertise ensures a fast, high-performance launch.

  • Visual identities

    We can develop brand identities from scratch or refine existing ones for maximum impact across all brand touchpoints.

  • Photography

    We offer support in crafting visual content for projects, including photography for products, team profiles, or environments


    From brochures to posters and business cards, our offering extends to designing printed material.

Sector Experience

We've been developing our expertise in the creative and digital industries since the early 2000s, working with clients big and small across a multitude of different sectors.


We're deeply passionate about fan engagement, having partnered with Premier League football clubs, national sporting associations, coaching organisations, and individual athletes.


We've crafted comprehensive strategies and interfaces covering the entire student lifecycle, collaborating with top universities, schools, and training providers.

Design & tech

We frequently collaborate with creative and digital agencies, providing specialised support and delivering engaging agency websites.

Food & DRINK

We've collaborated with restaurant chains, celebrity chefs, and food & drink companies to create industry-leading websites and campaigns.


We've been dedicated to empowering charities and non-profits, whether nationally or locally, by leveraging our expertise to amplify their impact.

Music & ARTS

We've collaborated with creative and cultural organisations, as well as individual artists, to showcase their talent and enhance engagement.

and more...

Over the years we've worked across many diverse sectors and always embrace the opportunity for innovation.