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Jet Media Network

A long term role in a startup looking to transform fan engagement

JMN Fan Engagement


Jet Media Network have a mission is to be one of the world’s largest and most respected digital publishers, with focused, engaged communities across sport, music and entertainment.

Before we started our engagement with them, the team had developed an app for Brazilian football legend Ronaldinho, and they're now working with a number of high profile international icons.

We currently have a retained position leading the Strategy, UX & Design of a number of product streams, helping the startup shape their proposition and support their investment drive.

JMN Fan Engagement
JMN Fan Engagement

Individual Apps

JMN have contracted more than 25 icons across sport, music, entertainment and gaming with the aim of delivering them focused apps that are built around their passions, interests and causes.

We have helped design an app design system, and UX framework that enables individual customisation, but also ensures levels of consistency across each native app.


The app framework extends to a planned social app that hopes to transform the way content creators and icons can create and earn together. We've worked tirelessly for the past year to develop a number of highly detailed prototypes that can be used for investor presentations and are ridiculously excited about what the future holds for our partnership.

JMN Fan Engagement

Investor assets

The business is currently generating funding for the development of the app, and is actively speaking to potential investors.

To support the team we have created a number of presentations and prototypes targeted to both investors and new celebrities, as well as a simple one page website.


Digital Product Strategy

App UX

App UI Design

Presentation Design